Starting a Turkey Shoot

How to set-up a turkey shoot

More than turkey shoot targets

If you are planning to start a Turkey Shoot it's more than just turkey shoot targets. You will need a good safe location with plenty of room for parking and enough space to accommodate the shooters. When you have located a space, find out if there any noise ordinances, days of the week, time of day and gaming rules that might apply to your area. Oh yea, did I mention insurance? Check into that! If you need insurance, you can get it through the National Rifle Association.

Shooting matches in the area

You want to make note of other shooting matches in your area. Can another shoot be supported by the number of local shooters? If there are other shoots in the area check their shoot dates, times, distance from the trigger line to the target, gun/choke restrictions, shell choice/shot size, rifle sights, stock open bead sights, scopes, barrel length/diameter, shoot rules, and prizes. A successful shoot needs shooters so you don't want to be in competition with other Turkey Shoots for your new shoot. Can you offer something better? The Shoot has to make money.

Find the shoots in your area

Find the shoots in your area by checking our FREE listing web page and add yours. If you decide to start a shoot then by all means get your listing. The old advertising adage, "If you kiss in the dark you and your girl know what you're doing but nobody else does".

If you have the money

If you have the money to start an indoor shoot with a kitchen, food/snacks, tables, restrooms and maybe a buy swap trade area. Let people shoot off stuff on a round, of course they would deal with the money. Get a family affair going that teaches gun safety rules. You need to have TV access for those idle times and FOOD, cause if your shooters aren't winning or tying, than their eaten and watch'n TV. FREE food (hot dogs and burgers) it's a loser's way to get even with the house. You might want to get a smorgasbord going where people sale their homemade goodies, vegetables, crafts etc. You can give food away but you might not be able to sell it without a license or complete restrooms with handicap access.

Two show chickens on chicken coop
Show chickens were raised at one turkey shoot we visited

Old country farms

Old country farms with a house or building that can be converted to accommodate a shoot house are great to rent or buy. I have seen some purty ruff shoot houses and some that are indoors with concrete floors not dirt. Nice kitchens, not just a wood stove with a pot of boiling water with hot dogs and on the side ketchup, mustard, and maybe relish, sauerkraut or slaw. The shoot needs a sufficient backstop to catch the spent lead shot, keep it from coming back at the shooters and a guarantee that nothing will cross the line of fire.

Who has turkey shoots

Many shoots are run by Hunt Clubs, Family's, Individuals and Fraternal Organizations like, Moose Lodges, VFW Posts, Elk Lodges, Lions Clubs, Fire Departments, Rescue Squads, the list goes on and on. These groups use the shoots as fund raisers and are often requested to have one by shooters who enjoy our sport of Turkey Shooting (at targets, not live birds). Did I mention that we sell 6”X6” Turkey Shoot Targets ? Always a good price, quick turnaround time. You can place an order here.