Turkey Shoot Targets

6 by 6 inch turkey shoot targets on card stock
1,000 turkey targets 7.5 cents each $75.00

Buy 6" X 6" turkey shoot targets made for competition shooting: ideal for turkey shoots, sporting clays, and other competitive shooting events. Printed on 110 pound card stock and made in the USA, these targets are large enough to show the shotgun"s pattern with most any shell, shot size and gun. These turkey shoot targets are also used for 22-caliber rounds, pellet rifles and BB guns.

Turkey shoots have been around since folks have had firearms and nothing to do but be the best marksman and hunter. We now have a sport that doesn't cost a lot to get into. All you have to do to be competitive is have a good gun, the ability to hold the gun rock steady, to locate the exact one spot to hold on the target, and finally to squeeze the trigger and not flinch. Now you need to find turkey shoots to test your competitive skills, or start your own shoot with our turkey shoot targets and holder system! We hope our expert tips and shooting targets will give you the edge!

Win hams, turkeys, pools and side bets with the number one choice in targets. Good luck!

Three target designs that can be customized with your shoot information.
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