Turkey Shoot Shotgun Restrictions

Restrictions level the field

When you start a shoot, it is always best to find out what gun style your local shooters have and if there are restrictions. Most will have a stock 12 gauge shotgun that they hunt with. Some are old heirloom fire arms; some are new guns with the screw in stock choke systems. The stock guns have a fixed front bead sight and maybe mounted on a vent rib. Stock Gun Shoots may or may not allow peep sights, rifle sights or scopes. Some shoots use a 20 gauge choke check (.675 is the standard for stock guns) on the end of the barrel where they insert a 20 gauge shell, if it goes to the brass you can shoot, if not, you can't. The choke is too tight for the shoot. To overcome this, barrel builders put the chokes further down the end of the barrel. A special gauge or shell check method is used to make sure all guns are legal for the shoot. A shooter can always request a gun check if they think another shooter has switched a barrel or one of those HOT NEW screw in or drop in choke tube systems during the match. This is a tricky gray area that the Top Barrel Builders have worked with for so many years (it's how they make their money), so BEWARE, these shooters want to win despite restrictions and they have the extra money in their pocket to get there. Bragging rights, hummm, maybe, are just maybe it could be the money in those side pools. Just don't make the round cost more to get into, because the shell and turkey shoot target money are going down on the round any way. The round should be used to bring in all the extra money your shooters are willing to spend, plus side bets $1 - $5, it all depends on the shooters request. More than likely they have won the most rounds and/or have been in ties, play the pool. I would often ask if I could play another shooter's number in the side bet. When playing another shooters number (make sure it's alright) every now and then it pays off big.

Here you need to judge the options that will make your turkey shoot successful. NOTE: these side bet cards often get into a tie or another round to settle the side match and yes sometimes the ties decide to split the pool money. This always falls on the persons involved that settle the side pools, the Judge only judges the turkey shoot targets.

Hot guns or outlaw guns

Hot Guns or OUTLAW GUNS are 12 gauge shotguns with a 36” barrel length and rifle sights or scopes. The barrel can be the stock diameter or up to the 1” heavier bull barrel stock. The SUPER SHOOTS where the Hot Guns have an advantage. The top of the crop like to show off their equipment and skills as a true marksman and/or Barrel Builder. Check our listing of Barrel Builders. Some of these Hot Gun creations are works of art and technology that can cost thousands of dollars to have made, but damn if they don't shoot good. Bring the money home; I'll use the meat to feed the family. Hell yea! I'll use the rest on myself being a Lucky Dawg.

You have to decide

You have to decide your turkey shoot restrictions, what will work and what won't. Some shoots change on different dates in the month and even some Wednesday nights when they have meat shoots with open $1 -$5 optional side pools on the rounds. Don't forget Thanksgiving - Christmas Turkeys and Hams, get your dates on the calendar ASAP. Always let your shooters know what's going to be happing at your shoots. Update shooters by Email, mail, facebook or phone. You can also get a FREE listing of your shoot dates on our web site. Cool deal dude, it's FREE. Check it out! BANG YOU'RE ON TARGET WITH US!