Turkey Shoot Target Distance

Row of targets, on target holders ready for the target runner
Turkey shoot targets ready for the target runner

Setting the targets distance

After the rail is built, trigger line painted and the gun restrictions set; it's time to set the number of feet to the turkey shoot targets. Now, you know how turkey shooters are, they think that maybe, just maybe one target holder is inches closer than all the rest. OK maybe. But inches don't make that much difference. Now a foot or two, oh yea baby three feet definitely. If your turkey shoot is going to be successful then you have to have some ties and shoot off's. The distance for 7-1/2 - 8 - 9 size is best all round set at 56' - 60'. This distance also works well with the Wagner 2-2-10 shells. NEVER use the 10 shells in a gun with chokes and wad stoppers. A 10 gun is smooth and built like a long funnel.

Distance from the trigger line

Our target holder system can be set at a permanent distance. They can be moved simply by moving the holders to another pipe in the ground. You want to keep any pipes in the ground covered so they don't fill up with shell wads. Remember the distance is measured from the trigger line on the rail. Use drainage gravel to keep the card runners out of the mud. A roof over the targets for rainy day shoots and a back drop to catch the lead shot.