Turkey Shoot Rail Shooting

View of targets through 35 gallon plastic barrel barrel
Targets viewed from rail through 35 gallon plastic barrel

About the rail

The height of the rail from the ground/floor that suits most shooters is 4 feet with a top that is 3 feet wide and has a trigger line painted on it. The overall length should allow enough room so the shooters can leave their guns on the rail, ready in position for a tie or the next round. Yes, I know this can't happen at every rail shooting turkey shoot. The rail should be as rock steady as possible with a roof to cover the shooters and their equipment. Find some tin roofing from an ole barn or out building for a cheap way to do this. Help the ladies, kids and short shooters with pop crates or stools to get them up to the rail position.

The remedy for noise

If the GUN NOISE is a problem for your shoot, we have the remedy for the neighborhood and your shooters ears. These silencers are easy to make and not that expensive. Get some 35 gallon plastic barrels use a sabra saw to cut the bottom out, leave as much bottom as you can and leave the top off. Line the inside of the barrel with insulation and use chicken wire to keep the insulation in place. Get your Target Holders in place and affix the barrel in line with the turkey shoot targets. Give support to line the barrel with the turkey shoot targets; we used 4”x4” post for this. You will be impressed how much this set up cuts down on the noise and doesn't interfere with a shooters overall gun performance. Try it you'll like it. I guarantee it!