Turkey Shoot Shotgun Shells

Inside the most popular shell's

We have let you know about our 6X6 turkey shoot targets, how to set the point of aim, see the pattern movement, and get your gun's maximimun shot load on target. On average the #9 shells have about 660 pellets, a plastic wad shot cup, that makes up the difference in the 12 gauge shell length and 2-3/4 grams of powder to push the shot load. The 2-2-10's have 2 grams of powder, 2 ounces of #10 size shot and no shot protector, only a plastic or fiber wad to compensate for the gun's shell length.

Most shoots buy the cheapest of everything, prizes, shells and targets. We have kept our prices for the 6 X 6 targets as low as you can go and we get them to you on time.Turkey shoot target ordering.

These pictures of turkey shoot shell cutaway views are of the most popular turkey shoot 12 ga. shotgun shell's. They show what is inside the shell and what happens after you pull the trigger.

When shell manufactures make any changes to their shells we will make every effort to update you on this site. Go here if you would like to share shot gun shell information.