Turkey Shoot Target Holders

We have checked with several turkey shoots to find the best holders for 6X6 targets and how to make them. The system is simple. The card runners are usually 2 people. One collects the targets shot on the round. The other replaces the target for the tie or next round by pushing it on the 4 nails. Targets are numbered on the back with the shooters holder number and the round being shot. You have to be ready to number more incase there are a lot of ties. Targets are taken to the judge with the numbers down. The judge then determines the ties or winner of the round. The holders elimate most all shots that might ricochet back on the shooters. These holders also eliminate target blow offs. If you have any questions on these steps call 804.339.2825 or email your target holder question

Custom made turkey shoot target holders

Each target holder requires the following items.

  • (8 pieces) No. 8 size concrete nails 3" in length
  • (2 pieces) 3" square stock, 1/8" thick and cut to 2" high, this allows the nail points to stick out 1" when the target is placed on the holder
  • (1 piece) 1-3/4" wide flat steel bar, 1/4" thick and 16" in length.
  • (1 piece) 2" angle steel, 1/8" thick, length 9-1/2" with 2 holes drilled to bolt to the target holder to the pipe stand. This pipe can fit into a larger piece of pipe in the ground to make yardage changes, if you need to do that.

Align and place your target over the holder. Be sure the holes made by the target holder nails are aligned with plenty of room for the target to be centered. Push the target on the top nails first. Now push the target onto the bottom nail points on the holder. Careful not to stick your fingers.

Aligning the turkey shoot target to the nail holders
Turkey shoot target attached to the holder

Once your target is mounted check for the green light and the turkey shoot is on. After the target has been shot the light goes red, a signal that all shooters have shot. The card runners yell "CLEAR" then go out to carefully remove the targets and take them to be judged as a tie or a winner of that round.

Man turkey shooting

Muffle the sound! Take plastic drums and cut holes to allow for alignment to the target. Line the inside with insulation and hold it in place with chicken wire. This will cut down the noise and help protect the shooters ears.