Turkey Shoot Match Ideas


Tailgating at the turkey  shoot   Tailgate party at Ashland Turkey Shoot Spring 2016.

Spread the word about your shoot by handing out flyers at gun shops, gun swap shows, and any business that will let you post your flyer. You can list your shoot information for free on this web site. Some other shoots might let you post a flyer at their shoot if you let them advertise at your shoot. Start building a mailing list of your shooters, include their phone numbers and email addresses. Mail a yearly schedule of shoot dates or special shoots on a postcard.

Stock Gun Matches – .675 choke, 20 gauge choke check on the barrel.

Hot Gun/Outlaw Gun Matches or Super Shoots – 36" length, 1" outside diameter any choke set up, chambered for the shell and many other modifications the shooter can use to make it into a kick ass winning gun.

2-2-10 Matches - This unique shell requires a special barrel that will improve a 10 gun's pattern big time. You can see this difference on the shells page. The barrel doesn’t have chokes or wad stoppers, only a smooth tapering that tightens up at the end of the barrel.

For each of these match ideas you should refer to the gun restrictions page.

Warm Up Round
This special round is shot by all the shooters who want to participate before the regular shoot starts.

Trophy Round
All the shooters who won a 1st 2nd or 3rd place that want to participate can sign up after the regular shoot ends. This could be where shooters can really clean up.

Splatter Board
Every shooter who wants to participate after the regular shoot ends can sign up on the board at any time and as many times as they like. The money is collected during the entire shoot and is shot off after the regular shoot ends. Generally this is a no cut pool. Take a large piece of card board about 24"X24", let the shooters draw a dot where ever they want and put their mark or name by their dot. You can start signing shooters up at the beginning of the shoot. Pick one shooter who loads a number 8 size shell in the gun and shoots the target center. The dot closest to one of the shot pellets wins or ties. This is where the judges locking calipers, dividers or a ruler come in handy to judge the winner(s). Ties split the prize money.

Buddy Shoot Round
This round is shot by all the shooters who want to participate before, after or during the regular shoot. One shooter takes the 1st shot and the other takes the 2nd shot both at the same target. A 1/4" RED dot Target is shot 2 times with 9's. The winners must take out the entire red dot.

Winners Point Challenge
Notify all shooters, that their winning cards earn points towards an invite shoot for winners only. You can cut the pool for expenses 80/20, double prizes and best of the year trophy. First place wins get 3 points, Second place 2 points and 1 point for Third place. One shooter may have 14 wins if he plays them all at $10 each, $5 each or whatever you decide on. Anyway it can end up being a pile of money and bragging rights for a year.