Starting a shoot "How the Money Works"


If you are planning on starting a shoot or already have a shoot, you need to make sure the money is there and the prizes are too.

There is no guarantee that you will have the required number of shooters to make it successful on any given shoot date. Ten shooters paying $3.00 per shot will let you break even. Anything less and you will lose money but you have to take the good with the bad and adjust. It’s just like zeroing your gun; get on target with your shooters. The best advertising is word of mouth, so make your shoot one that no shooter wants to miss.

You have to figure all of these factors for your shoot.

  1. Rent – this seems to depend on double usage of the shoot location – farm – hunt club – etc.
  2. County Ordinances - noise – shoot schedule – number of shoot days a month - insurance
  3. Cost of the shells – can vary from $7.50 at Walmart to $10.00 a box of 25, at my last check
  4. Targets – yep we sell’em $0.065 each or $65.00 per thousand shipped to your doorstep
  5. Card runner/Shell man – you have got to have them – we always paid the kids $10 and the adults $15. A good average would be $12 per hour. You can make it on one at a small shoot.
  6. Food – for sale snacks – soda pop –steak and potatoes with salad I don’t know let them bring their own food, drinks and libations just turn them all out to your Turkey Shoot.
  7. Prizes can be – $ cash $ - bacon- hamburger – pot roast – canned hams – chicken – turkeys – country hams or a trip to Dollywood. Make plans early for your Thanksgiving and Christmas Shoots; advertise with flyers, phone calls, emails, anything you can think of that can really turn them out to your shoot. Work it, work it hard. You can really have a great Turkey Shoot, give people something to do, compete to win or lose, have fun and just get together for a good 'ol time.

So, now we’re back to the Ten Shooters paying $3.00 per shot for ten rounds total, $30.00. The house has $300.00 to work with.

  1. Rent: $500 month for a farm house that the owner grows soy beans on or the hunt club hunts on. Divide that by the number of shoots in a month about eight, so the cost is $62.50 per shoot date.
  2. County Ordinances: Don’t worry about them, just be friendly and find out what to expect. If it’s noise use our card holder and noise suppression system, to solve the problem. I might also mention that it protects the shooters ears too. It’s a great idea that works, doesn’t cost a lot and solves that noise problem. County officials might want to know about NOISE before they give the go ahead for your shoot. Some shoots fall under the Grandfather Clause. “My great great grand pappy had his shoot here, I recon for near on forty year or more, I’ll have to ask Mom bout that, what’s that ya say? Yes sir, I know she’s buried on the hill over there by my Pappy, but I’s talk to em everyday when it’s sum’n import’n like this”. Your shoot is not a business but a club with members and such. A shoot is where they can test their skills against one another but it is not gambling.
  3. You get 25 shells per box at $10 a box, so that works out to be $0.4 cents apiece. Ten shooters, ten rounds, hell that’s $4 right there not counting the shells used in the ties. Practice shells should be available with a target for $0.10 a piece or more.
  4. Targets - $0.065 each and you might use $12 worth or less with 10 shooters.
  5. Card runner/Shell man - $50 to $60 plus a tip jar, if they do well it will show in the jar. The runners always yell all clear before going out to replace the targets. Safety is very important.
  6. FOOD - A pot of boiling water four packs of wieners, buns, ketchup, mustard and relish. Chili and tater chips are optional. This is as cheap as you can get $25.
  7. Prizes – Fresh Meats like, stick bologna, bacon, pork chops, ground beef, turkey, can ham, steaks, beef roast and even store gift cards. You just need to make sure that the prizes are worth more than the $3 per shot charge. So I always go to the 8 to 10 dollar range or be ready to give the money because some shooters want the dollars not the meat prizes. Put the leftover food in the freezer for the next SUPER SHOOT. Hey, you got to think every angle to make a shoot work.

Now let’s see what it all this adds up to for ten shooters, shooting ten rounds at your Turkey Shoot and what your profits can be.

  1. Rent: $62.00 This can include electricity, running water and out house charges if need be.
  2. File County permits FREE I hope. However it’s always best to test the water before you get in it. Insurance if needed contact the NRA.
  3. Shells $40
  4. Targets $12
  5. Card runner/Shell man (1) $50
  6. Hot Diggity Dogs with trim'ns $25
  7. Prizes $100

TOTAL COSTS - $289.00 profit $11 Now get your shooters up to twenty, some will shoot (2) numbers. Have a regular round for $3.00 per shot and a second shot for $2.00

There are ways to change the shoots that will add to the profit line for you and fun and more money for the winning shooters. No matter what, you have got to get them shooters there to make it work.

Download our custom designed Turkey Shoot Sign-Up Sheet (pdf file) for free. It has spaces for 60 shooters with columns for Target Number, Shooters Name, Wins, (2) DTR columns (Down The Road or Warm Up Round).